Phonetic classification of sounds in MPS2


Labials b p m f
Apicals d t n l
Velars g k h
Palatals j(i) ch(i) sh(i)
Retroflexes j ch sh r
Dentals tz ts s


Single Finals r, z
i, yi u, wu iu, yu
a o e
Double Finals ai ei au ou
Nasal-end Finals an en ang eng
Retroflex Final er

The single vowels r and z refer to apical vowels; i, yi, u, wu, iu, yu are the high vowels that can function as glides and a, o, e, * are vowels without glides.

Compound Finals (Used with Initials)

With i on-glide ia io ie
iai iau iou
ian in iang ing
With u on-glide ua uo uai uei
uan uen uang ung
With iu on-glide iue iuan iun iung

For the use of the Compound Finals with initials, see Transliteration Rule 7.


First Tone  ̄
Second Tone  ́
Third Tone  ̌
Fourth Tone  ̀
Neutral Tone (unmarked)
This text on Mandarin Phonetic Symbols II (MPS II), Taiwan's former official romanization system for Mandarin Chinese, is from a July 1986 book by Taiwan's Ministry of Education.