Selected Works of George A. Kennedy

edited by Li Tien-yi

New Haven: Far Eastern Publications, 1964.

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  1. Articles
    • A Minimum Vocabulary in Modern Chinese
    • Metrical Irregularity in the Shih Ching
    • A Study of the Particle Yen: A. Its Meaning
    • A Study of the Particle Yen: B. Its Form
    • Interpretation of the Ch'un-Ch'iu
    • The Monosyllabic Myth
    • Negatives in Classical Chinese
    • Tone in Archaic Chinese
    • Dialect Development
    • Conversion of Cyclical Dates
    • Voiced Gutterals in Tangsic
    • Another Note on Yen
    • Two Tone-Patterns in Tangsic
    • Ancient -an -on and the J-Bomb
    • The Fate of Chinese Pictographs
    • Principles for Mandarin Shorthand
    • The Butterfly Case (Part I)
    • Word-Classes in Classical Chinese
    • The Classical Pronoun Forms Ngo and Nga
    • Fennolosa, Pound and the Chinese Character sample chapter
    • A Note on Ode 220
  2. Book Reviews
    • An Album of Chinese Bamboos: A Study of a Set of Ink-Bamboo Drawings, A.D. 1785
    • Literary Chinese by the Inductive Method, Vol. III
    • The Mencius, Books I-III
    • Talks on Chinese History
    • Ch'ing Documents
    • Biographies of Meng Hao-jan
    • Han Shih Wai Chuan
    • Studies in Chinese Thought
  • Chronology of George A. Kennedy
  • Bibliography of George A. Kennedy
  • Index